Residential Acquisition

Door to door is our leading customer acquisition strategy for challenger brands who are looking to expand in a new territory or gain a larger foothold among incumbent competitors. With our nationwide reach, brands can receive validation on new offers and overall effectiveness with minimal risk. Our clients experience a high conversion rate while building brand awareness and establishing a point of difference. The Merchant Class's residential sales consultants are among the best trained in the industry. 

Business to Business

Our business to business sales consultants are among the top performing in the industry and carry themselves with an overarching professionalism that is true to your brand. With a scalable nationwide presence we can tailor our reach in accordance with your business growth or target specific regions to increase market share and test new offers. Our customers experience a high conversion rate with measurable impact and clear cost per sale.

Call Centres

Our friendly and personable call centre teams act as a strong extension of your brand, increasing your company’s customer acquisition capacity. Whether you're looking to create a targeted outbound campaign to accelerate acquisition or want to generate ongoing acquisition, we're always happy to tailor our operations specific to your requirements to deliver consistent, measurable results.

Retail Kiosks & Events

Looking to increase your physical presence in high traffic environments? We develop both short and long term retail pop-ups and kiosks at shopping malls, community events and public spaces to represent your brand. Through these mediums, we create engaging customer experiences and acquisition opportunities while further establishing brand awareness in support of other marketing and sales activity in target regions. 
“In order to survive today’s ever-changing landscape, businesses need to provide real-time, personalised experiences that reach customers just as they need them.”
Forbes Magazine


of all customers want at least one human interaction when making a purchasing decision

Call Centres

Increase your customer service capacity and improve retention with our highly trained call centre teams. We are always happy to tailor our operations and services specifically to the needs and requirements of your brand. Our personable team go the extra mile to remove burden from your core staff while representing your brand in the best possible light.

Net Promoter Score

Increase retention and referrals by tracking daily Net Promoter Scores. We help you keep the finger on the pulse of your customers with automated email surveys that produce realtime results and feedback. The insight produced enables you to deal with issues directly before customers churn and turn happy customers into lead generators.

Loyalty Programs

An effective customer retention program gives companies the ability to identify, track, and custom promote to those customers who are most likely to become loyal, long-term sources of revenue. Find out how a loyalty program can benefit your company.

“Building a highly loyal customer base cannot be done as an add-on. It must be integral to a company’s basic business strategy”

Harvard Business Review


Attracting new customers can cost your company five times more than keeping an existing customer

Email Marketing

Increase engagement, drive traffic and measure impact through our email marketing campaign software. We can help tailor email communications to your specific business needs. Specific points of engagement can even be automated  to help relieve administrative burden from your customer service or marketing teams. 

Social Media Campaigns

Increase visibility, build brand awareness and further engage your customers through custom social media campaigns. We develop tailored Facebook competitions to increase your social reach and stimulate brand engagement and can advise on new and emerging marketing opportunities to reach specific targeted demographics.

Search & Digital Marketing

Generate leads and make your online presence easily accessible for your customers through targeted Google Adwords campaigns and search engine optimisation. Open new lines of communication with customers who have already engaged with your brand online through re-marketing and develop new sources of leads for your business.

“In this age of the customer, the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge and engagement with customers”

Forrester Research


of buying decisions are based on how a customer feels they are being treated